12v Hydraulic Power Pack

Friday, 5 June 2015 11:24:11 Europe/London

"Great service, friendly & efficient staff. A pleasure to do business with you!" These were the words of thanks emailed in from a new customer after collecting his 12v hydraulic power pack and getting his business back on the road again - literally - within a handful of hours of contacting the team.  

Formally manufactured by Smiths Industries, the Mk3 12v hydraulic power pack is still one of the most common hydraulic power packs in service today, and here at Hydraulics Online we provide direct replacement units and spares, day in and day out.

Fluidlink HydraulicsWidely used in industrial and mobile applications, the Fluidlink hydraulic power pack range is available in AC and DC, single-acting and double-acting versions and, with three different types of body and tank to choose from, a hydraulic power pack can be readily customised to meet your own specific requirements. Made here in the UK, our Fluidlink 12v / 24v hydraulic power packs are used with confidence by Original Equipment Manufacturers and end-users all around the world. Like them, you can be assured of a quality product that can more often than not be dispatched within 24 hours.

12v 24v Hydraulic Power PacksThis is exactly what happened with our new customer, John who contacted our technical team as our offices were closing for the day. His specialist commercial vehicle had broken down, effectively putting him out of business. We specified the design needed for his replacement 12v hydraulic power pack and, better still, as an official Fluidlink distributor, we held all the necessary parts in stock and could set to straight away with the build! John arrived to collect his hydraulic power pack as our offices opened for business the next morning and he was back up and running later that day.  

Hydraulics Online Catalogue Click here to hop over to our catalogue and view our range of standard, mini and micro Fluidlink hydraulic power packs. If you can’t find the hydraulic power pack that you’re looking for then complete our stock enquiry form, or for more technical advice and hydraulic power pack quotations contact one of our team on: 0845 644 3640, or via: sales@hydraulicsonline.com 

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