Char-Lynn 10K Series Motor

Wednesday, 17 December 2014 10:13:40 Europe/London

A new customer, a company who supplies to the drilling industry, contacted the technical team last week about an Eaton Char Lynn 10k Series motor. This Char Lynn motor is typically used in industrial applications including metal forming, port equipment and saw mills.

Eaton Char-Lynn 10K Series Motor

Some of the features of the 10K Series motor include:

  • A high torque and a high flow;
  • Low pressure loss even in the higher flows;
  • A Geroler element of 4 displacements;
  • Many other options including 2 speed sensors make this motor “smart”.

The motor has now been delivered to the customer who has since been in touch with a thank you and another new enquiry:

“I can tell you that we were very satisfied with your prompt reaction to our search for a Char Lynn hydraulic motor for one of our customers… Meanwhile, you may be interested in another problem we are trying to solve, which is to find a replacement for an old PARKER HD-2 variable delivery hydraulic pump – which went out of production over 10 years ago.  ” We can also source seemingly obsolete or discontinued hydraulic components, or swap original hydraulic equipment into modern, off-the-shelf standard products, with minimal, if any, re-engineering!

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