Eaton Char-Lynn 10K Series Motor

Monday, 17 November 2014 13:58:45 Europe/London

Through our close-working relationship with a long-standing customer, the technical team have identified that an Eaton Char-Lynn 10K Series motor was a critical component to their product design. Given that the motor is also typically on a twenty week lead-time, we are now holding a spare unit (pictured) here at Hydraulics Online.

Eaton Char-Lynn 10K Series Motor Char-Lynn motors are built for high torque low speed and offer a lot of power from a small package. The motors can be mounted directly on the driven device away from the original power source, eliminating the need for other mechanical linkages, such as chains, sprockets, belts, pulleys, gears, rotating drive shafts, and universal joints.

The motors operate at low speeds that remain very near constant even when the load varies; shaft speed is smooth, easy and economical using simple, inexpensive controls. Also, these motors are reversible. Consequently, the direction of the shaft rotation can be changed instantly with equal output torque in either direction. 

Char-Lynn motors are self-contained, with hydraulic fluid providing lubrication. Being completely sealed they provide reliable performance and can operate safely and reliably even in the most hostile environments coping with dust, dirt, steam, water, and heat.

Char-Lynn disc valve motors have a high efficiency, providing high output for the pressure and flow supplied. The high mechanical efficiency enables you to obtain a given torque with a smaller displacement motor. Volumetric efficiency is high and speed is relatively constant with little variation due to changes in load. Speed is controlled easily and smoothly and the efficiency means that less heat builds up in the hydraulic system.

Some of the features and performance statistics of the Char-Lynn 10K Series motor include:

  • A flow LGM (GPM) of 170 (45) continuous and 265 (70) intermittent
  • Speeds of up to 784 RPM
  • A pressure bar (PSI) of 200 (3000) continuous and 270 (4000) intermittent
  • A torque Nm (lb-in) of 2700 (23910) continuous and 3440 (30460) intermittent
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