Hydratron AZ-1 Series Air-Driven Power Unit

Tuesday, 19 January 2016 14:01:00 Europe/London

An existing customer, a company who distributes power transmission and bearing products, approached the technical team enquiring about a Hydratron air operated power pack.

There is no risk of a flame or spark with Hydratron’s AZ-1 series of air-driven hydraulic power units. These units also offer infinitely variable speed/output flowrate control and output pressure control, whilst they can also be “stalled” at a predetermined pressure and hold this fixed pressure without consuming power or generating heat. Suitable for continuous stop/start applications (there being no limit or adverse effects) they have proven reliability, are easy to maintain and robust. Standard models are suitable for oil or water applications (offshore), with isolation chambers for chemical applications.

Hydratron AZ-1 Series Power Unit

The Hydratron AZ-1-425H model (that was supplied to our customer) is pictured here. Some of its features include:

  • Maximum rated output pressure: 42,500psi (2,931 bar).
  • Maximum air supply pressure: 100psi (7 bar).
  • Tank capacity: 1.5 gallons (6 litres).
  • Maximum flow: 26in³/min (0.43 litre/min).
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