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Wednesday, 19 November 2014 16:01:06 Europe/London

It’s no secret that we love hydraulics, and the diverse range of applications and projects that we are involved with every day. Take a hydraulic power pack – one week we’re designing the system to make the first UK Concorde “droop nose” work again and the next we’re designing a system to be used to make mud bricks in Africa...

The technical team were approached by a new customer with proposed designs for a big project. A machine was required to make mud bricks to aid in the construction of huts and basic housing in Africa; the whole task was being funded by a local charity/welfare group. The purpose of the machine was to compress the mud in large, brick-shaped moulds before the bricks were then baked and used to build the huts.

Hydraulic Power Pack DesignProviding the customer with their extensive technical knowledge, our technical team suggested some alterations to the customer’s original proposal and then went on to design and build a hydraulic power pack that would meet the necessary system requirements exactly (pictured).

So, whether you’re working on Concorde or just working with mud you can rely on Hydraulics Online to design it, supply it, solve it or repair it!

“Thanks for all your support and your prompt replies to my queries and for providing the best design and equipment… unlike the substandard components from China used by others. Our client is very happy with the overall performance of the equipment.” – A “thank you” from the satisfied customer!

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