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This Hydraulics Online "catalogue" was produced as many new customers, having had their hydraulics problem solved, system designed or equipment successfully sourced wanted to know what else we could do. Had we got a catalogue or a brochure? 

The simple answer was, and to a certaint extent still is, "no"... although you can click on the hydraulic manufacturers' names below to see more about some of the brands and the hydraulics we can supply. But the fact is we can't possibly document everything that we do and everything that we're involved in... and if we did it would be out of date the very next day. 

Our main site over at: www.hydraulicsonline.com tries to give a good flavour of what we're all about. Our team has over 60 years' combined experience in hydraulic components supply and hydraulics system design, and has gained a reputation for consistently providing practical, trusted advice and solutions to customers large and small alike, as you can see here:   

" I am extremely pleased to have met such a good team who have supported Concorde and Heritage Concorde so well… you deserve a medal! I was amazed; Mark reeled off figures and technical data that were way above my understanding, but he explained things very well. You don’t just shift boxes; you know your business inside and out. A very big “thank you” from the whole team –  I hope we can continue the great work."

" Please thank all your staff for the parts we received from yourselves. We have a wide range of hydraulics and equipment, some of which is pretty old, and to be able to speak with someone who knew their stuff and knew our requirements was invaluable."

Hydraulics may be seen by "some" as unglamorous, or unfashionable in today's high-tech world... but without a doubt, much of today's 24/7 hectic lifestyle, production, services and even entertainment wouldn't function without hydraulics.     

Many customers often approach us thinking that the hydraulics they are looking for are obsolete or discontinued - having been told, catgeorically, that the equipment is no longer available. That’s not very often our response, in fact the team relish the challenges that others clearly shy away from!

In the words of many of our customers we "know our stuff". If we cannot source the original equipment we can identify direct equivalent products (needing minimial, if any, engineering) or we may even offer this anyway if lead times and pricing are favourable.  

 By way of an example, a new marine'/ offshore customer contacted the team looking for a tandem pump - there was a breakdown situation on one of their accommodation rigs. The customer originally wanted a Commercial Hydraulics P365 / P330 tandem gear pump, but it was on an 18 week lead time. Obvioulsy the customer couldn’t wait this long. However, the team were able to quote a direct equivalent from stock and the client placed their order instantly and we were able to dispatch within 24 hours.

 Another example would be a new overseas customer approaching the team with a picture of an old Denison Hydraulics 800 series (MF08) motor – the customer was desperate for a replacement. On this occasion the unit really was obsolete, with no modern-day equivalent available. So, we suggested that the motor could be re-manufactured, and made to function “as good as new”. The customer was happy with this and gave the go-ahead and the re-manufactured is now installed and operational once again in India.

As you can see, whoever you are, whatever you do, if you need hydraulics you've come to the right place. We can design it, supply it, solve it or repair it. But maybe you just want to learn more about hydraulics...?  

We can take care of that too. Our reference section over at: www.hydraulicsonline.com provides:


 “Thanks for a very prompt and knowledgeable service, I would certainly use your firm again.”

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