R5U Relief Valve

Wednesday, 1 February 2017 09:34:00 Europe/London

A new customer required a Parker Denison R5U (R5U12) relief valve, which was to be mounted directly onto a pump. The valve is now being delivered to the customer.

Series R5U pilot operated pressure unloading valves have a comparable design to the subplate mounted R4U series. The SAE flanges allow the valve to be mounted directly onto the outlet flanges of pumps.

R5U Relief Valve

A typical application is the unloading of a pump in an accumulator circuit. The combination of an R5U, C5V and R5V on a double pump generates a high pressure/low pressure pump system without the need of a manifold block or piping between the valves.

Some of the features of the R5U relief valve include:

  • Operating pressures between 30 - 350 bar
  • A maximum flow of up to 600 l/min
  • A fluid temperature range between -18° - +80°
  • A viscosity range between 10 – 650 cSt
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