Roquet Manually Operated Control Valves

Monday, 30 March 2015 14:23:11 Europe/London

A customer who specialises in supplying equipment for offshore applications (such as ships, yachts, dredgers and offshore rigs), required ten Pedro-Roquet ½ inch manually-operated control valves, with 4 lever operation.

These directional control valves are usually found in applications relating to construction, material handling and agricultural machinery etc. The valves are actuated by hand-levers.

Roquet Manually Operated Control Valves

Some of the features of the control valves (pictured) include:

  • Nominal flow of 100 l/min (26 GPM).
  • Maximum working pressure of 350 bar / 5075 psi.
  • Maximum spool quantity of 12.
  • Temperature range of -20°…+80°C (-4°F…+176°F).
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