Roquet 1408 Hydraulic Lever Control Valve

Thursday, 3 September 2015 10:35:24 Europe/London

If you're a hydraulic engineering company looking for reliable, time-critical supplies of hydraulic equipment, backed up by sound advice and technical knowledge then you're in the right place.

Roquet Valve

Hydraulics Online enjoys a reputation for providing practical, trusted advice and cost-effective solutions to our customers, large and small alike... across all industries and applications including marine and offshore hydraulics. A frequent customer, a company who provide on-site service to a variety of land and marine-based customers, contacted the technical team to enquire about a Roquet 1408 lever control valve to be used for a winch motor on a vessel.

Some of the features of the Roquet 1408 lever control valve include a:

  • nominal flow of 300 l/min;
  • maximum working pressure of 350 bar;
  • maximum return of 80 bar (static spool) and 20 bar (during spool positioning);
  • temperature range between -20°C and +80°C.
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