Danfoss 24 pin PLUS+1® Expansion Module

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  • Danfoss 24 pin PLUS+1® Expansion Module

This product is an element of the flexible, powerful and expandable PLUS+1® family of mobile machine management products. Expansion modules provide cost-effective additional I/O to mobile machine control systems. Gerneral Characteristics:
  • 24 pins: (2) individually keyed DEUTSCH DTM 12 pin connectors
  • 9 to 36 Vdc power supply, monitored internally
  • 1 CAN 2.0B port, the fixed range analog input can be configured as the shield pin
  • 3 mounting alternatives: stack, end , or side
  • CE compliant
  • 8 inputs: (5) universal (DIN/AIN/FreqIN) that the user can define as either "analog": with configurable ranges 0 to 5.25 Vdc or 0 to 36 Vdc or "digital": pull up (5 Vdc), pull down (0 Vdc) or pull to center (2.5 Vdc)or "frequency (timing)": 1 Hz to 10 kHz
  • (2) digital (DIN) configurable as pull up (5 Vdc), pull down (0 Vdc)
  • (1) fixed-range analog (AIN/CAN shield) 0 to 5.25 Vdc or CANshield pin
  • 8 outputs: (8) universal (PWMOUT/DOUT/PVGOUT) that the user can define as either: Digital: (3 A), configurable as source or sink; PWM: (30 to 4000 Hz), configurable as open or closed loop with current control; Analog voltage: open loop PWM at 4000 Hz
  • Any PWMOUT/DOUT/PVGOUT can be used to provide reference power to one PVG valve
  • Power supply for external sensors rated at 5 Vdc to 200 mA and regulated internally

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