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In-Line Coolers

In-Line Coolers

Emmegi air-oil heat exchangers are used for cooling oil hydraulic systems by cooling the ambient air that passes over the radiant by means of a fan operated by an electric or hydraulic motor. The cooler element (in high resistance aluminium alloy) is obtained by means of a braze-welding process carried out under vacuum.

The configuration of the cooling pipes increases the turbulence of the fluid and the exchange capacity in addition to the presence of special jets on the cooler finning that further improve the total transmission coefficient. The result is a very small, light and robust technologically advanced product. Technical specification comprises:

  • Core: “LONG LIFE” aluminium
  • Working pressure: 20 bar
  • Type of ventilation monophase / single-phase 230V AC 50Hz triphase / three-phase 230/400V AC 50/60Hz, 12-24V DC idraulica / hydraulic Gr.1-Gr.2-Gr.3
  • Fluid delivery: from 5 l/m to 520 l/m
  • Capacity: up to 2,75 kW/°C
  • Models: 1 pass – 2 pass – MG AIR 2KS – HPA/2
  • Support feet
  • Optional equipment: fixed thermostat gauging as request / adjustable thermostat 0:120°

Compatible fluids: Mineral oils, HL, HLP, water-oil emulsion, water-glycol.

For more technical data on the Emmegi MG AIr series of in-line coolers visit our main website:

Emmegi Heat Exchangers and Coolers

28 Item(s)

28 Item(s)

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