Off-Line Coolers

Off-Line Coolers

Emmegi offline cooling systems (hydraulic coolers) incorporate a screw pump system, activated by an electric motor, which operate an air / oil heat exchanger with much greater efficiency. Used in hydraulic systems where hammering and high differential flows prevent the use of an exchanger, Emmegi EV02 offline cooling units operate at low noise levels while recycling and automatically taking the oil in circulation, cooling it and returning it to circulation.

All models composed and controlled hydraulically are housed in a metal housing, fully accessible for servicing and parts exchange. Suitable for: hydraulic installations, elevators / lifts, machine tools and industrial machinery with simple installation making any heat and filtration problems easy to resolve.  Technical specification:

  • Core: “LONG LIFE” aluminium;
  • Screw pump;
  • Equipment: electric motor three-phase 230-400V AC 50Hz three-phase, 277-480V AC 60Hz three-phase motor thermical protection completed;
  • Capacity: up to 0,6 Kw /°C.

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