HOL-T Series Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinders

HOL-T Series Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinders

Made here in the UK, our Series HOL-T tie-rod hydraulic cylinders conform to the requirements of ISO 6020/2 – 1991, DIN 24554.

Their heavy-duty construction, wide range of mounting styles and customisable design features makes them suitable for a wide range of applications. All designs are created utilizing 3D design software, which can be exported to enable you to import the cylinder or actuator model directly into your own machine design. Component parts are manufactured using latest CNC machinery... ensuring part interchangability and supporting responsive lead times.

These tie-rod cylinders are designed with generous internal bearing lengths, using high quality materials in their construction together with proven seal types and a choice of sealing systems and materials. End of stroke cushioning is available at either or both ends of stroke. All of our tie-rod hydraulic cylinders can also be supplied with: internal full displacement positional transducers, end of stroke sensors and control valve packages - having valves built directly into the cylinder endcap or manifolded onto the cylinder. 

Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinders All cylinders are tested to 1.5 x the designed working pressure and are supplied as standard in satin black enamel paint, but can be supplied with external surfaces plated or shotblasted and marine specification painted. 

Key features include:

  • Working pressure: 160 bar working, 210 bar peak.
  • Fluids: Mineral oils, soluble oils, HWB fluids, and Esther based fluids.
  • Operational speeds: 500mm/sec subject to fluid type and pressure.
  • Temperature range: Standard seals -20C to + 80C, Viton seals -20C to + 150C

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29 Item(s)

29 Item(s)

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