Bosch Rexroth Replacement Cartridge Filters 7 SL 30 ... 260, 7 SLS 90 ... 260, 50 SL 30 ... 80 D

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The replacement cartridge filters have been especially developed for use in mobile hydraulics. They are designed for installation into the piping of a hydraulic or lubrication system and serve the protection of downstream components and systems.

The sizes of the cartridge filters comprise: 7 SL: 30 … 260, 7 SLS: 90 … 260, and 50 SL: 30 … 80 D. The filter has a nominal pressure up to 50 bar, a connection up to G1 1/4, SAE 1 1/2" (3,000 psi), SAE 20, an operating temperature –10 °C ... +100 °C and is optimized for mobile hydraulics.

Some of the features of the filter include:

  • Optimized for mobile hydraulics.
  • Installation in suction, pressure and return lines possible.
  • 7 SLS version with return flow block, patented and environmentally friendly.
  • Flow-optimized version due to 3D computersupported design.
  • Low pressure drop.
  • Special highly efficient filter materials.
Bosch Rexroth 7 SL 30 ... 260 / 90 ... 260 / 30 ... 80 D

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