H-MAS Series (OMS Type)

H-MAS Series (OMS Type)

The H-MAS hydraulic motor series is an OMS type, Geroler low speed high torque (LSHT) hydraulic motor delivering high output torque at an economical price. The gear set of the H-MAS series hydraulic motor comprises a rotor, stator and rollers providing increased motor performance and efficiency. Tapered roller bearings on the output shaft allow the motors to sustain very high radial and axial loads. The advanced valving design minimizes cross port leakage resulting in high volumetric efficiency and constant output speeds at varying pressures. The H-MAS series (OMS type) Geroler hydraulic motor takes advantage of the latest proven technology providing extended life, performance and reliability for medium duty applications. Other features include:

  • High starting torque;
  • Wide speed range;
  • Constant output torque over a wide speed range;
  • Fixed displacement;
  • Favourable power-to-weight ratio;
  • Very smooth running, even at low speeds;
  • Robust design capable of withstanding tough operating conditions;
  • Suitable for applications such as conveyor drives, winches, agricultural machinery, forest machinery, cranes, sawmill equipment and lifts/elevators.

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