Bosch Rexroth Gerotor Pump - PGZ

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Hydraulic pumps of type PGZ are gerotor pumps with constant displacement. The shaft drives the inner rotor. The inner rotor also rotates the outer rotor. The tooth clearances opening in the suction area suck in the hydraulic fluid. The separation of suction and pressure area is implemented on the opposite side of the meshing area by means of a radial gap created by the tooth profile of the outer and the inner rotor sliding against each other. Within the pressure area, the hydraulic fluid is displaced into the pressure port by means of the chambers becoming smaller.

The sizes of the 1X series gerotor pump comprise: frame size 4: 20, 32, 40, 50, 63, and 80 and frame size 5: 63, 80, 100, and 140. The pump has a nominal pressure of 15 bar and a maximum displacement of 140 cm3.

Some of the features of the gerotor pump include:

  • Low-pressure pump with fixed displacement.
  • Very low operating noise.
  • Suitable for broad viscosity and speed ranges.
  • Very good suction behavior.
  • Flexible combination possibility with Rexroth axial piston, internal gear and vane pumps.
  • Application in cooling, filter or lubricant circuits with low pressures.


Bosch Rexroth PGZ

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