Established in 1993, UK-based Fluidlink Hydraulics were originally a distributor for the former Smiths Industries Hydraulics company. Today, their own cost-effective and hydraulic power packs deliver the highest quality and reliability. Widely used in industrial and mobile applications, the Fluidlink 12v or 24v hydraulic power pack range is available in AC and DC and with three different versions of body and tank to choose from a hydraulic power pack can be readily customised to meet your own specific requirements. The range includes:

  • the former Smiths Industries hydraulic products – Mk3 hydraulic power pack, Slimline hydraulic power pack;
  • the new “G” series range of mini hydraulic power packs and hydraulic pump/hydraulic motor units;
  • autopacks – much smaller than the mini power packs and available as both unidirectional and reversible;
  • pump motor units based on the Mk3D and G Pack assemblies, providing a compact way of delivering hydraulic pressure allowing the oil reservoir to be mounted separately
  • integrated hydraulic and electronic controls with PLCs – including programming and data logging.
Our main website provides more information on Fluidlink Hydraulics and their product range, but if you are looking for a bespoke hydraulic power pack or unit as part of a larger hydraulic system design then we can certainly help there too.

This online catalogue only showcases a small selection of the products that we supply from a comprehensive range of hydraulic brands and manufacturers - we couldn’t possibly squeeze everything we do in here! So don’t worry if you can’t find what you’re looking for… Our experienced team should still be able to help.

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